Xprite Bracket For 4 LED 4w Surface Mount Deck Dash Grille Strobe Light

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This mounting bracket is meant for one unit of the Xprite 4 LED lighthead. It allows the lighthead to be tilted at the optimal angle in which the light emitted appears the brightest. Constructed with powder coated durable aluminum, this rust resistant mounting bracket greatly increases the flexibility of where the light heads can be mounted to while optimizing the visibility of the unit. Mounting screws, nuts, and bolts for the bracket included with purchase.



Constructed of durable aluminum.
Powder coated and rust resistant.
Swivel mounting bracket suitable for various surfaces.
Simplifies installation of the Xprite 4 LED lightheads.
Greatly increases the mounting option of the SBLH04 surface mount lightheads.
Mounting hardware included.



Mounting Base Dimension: 4-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H x 1-1/4" D (12.1cm x 3.8cm x 3.2cm)


Product Includes:

1 x Bracket
Screws, Nuts, and Bolts



Reviews (4)

Jan 15th 2017

Exactly what I needed

This traffic bar was purchased to be installed in the back window of my truck for emergency traffic direction and roadside assistance. It was shipped quickly in decent packaging and was easy to install. The lights are bright enough to be seen clearly from afar during the day and at night they are blinding. The body is cast aluminum and the lenses are plastic. I have owned this light bar for three months now and it continues to exceed my need and keep me and those that I provide service to safe. The only customization needed was was that I had to modify the mounting brackets so that they could face the same direction as the LEDs to adhesive it to the glass (Marine grade GOOP is the only thing I have found that will adhere the weight to glass). I also wired it to an external power switch so that all my lights could be controlled via one switch. The reason that this bar gets four stars is that the patterns are just okay and I would have preferred the light bar to have a last setting memory. This is okay only because the first pattern is my most widely used. ALSO NOTE: This light bar DOES NOT have "go around me" left and right functionality (lights scroll from left to right or vice versa). I do not use this function but know before you buy. Also one of the lenses is very slightly hazed over and the internal assembly moves a couple millimeters when the bar is rocked back and forth. Overall, this bar is perfect for those who are on a budget and need a very bright and dependable light. As always, people can be very inattentive so keep your eyes open and stay safe out there.

Sep 3rd 2016

Well built product

This is a well put together light bar. Extremely bright in daytime applications. As a Rural Mail Carrier this is important. Visibility on busy highways is a concern. This will allow people to see you as you deliver mail. And slow down and not run over you!! Customer service from this seller is wonderful too. Had a problem with the color of the light sent to me. I wanted amber but got clear. These folks went way over the extra mile to solve the problem. Buy this product you won't be disappointed!!

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