5 X 7" Headlights

5x7-inch Universal Headlights

We carry a range of 5x7” LED headlights for use with many different automobiles from trucks, jeeps, SUVs, to many other classic vehicles. With each passing cycle, LEDs improve in brightness, clarity, production and cost-effectiveness. As such LED lights have reached a point where they are viable, and strong replacements for traditional headlights and headlamps. LED headlights can produce continuous light, with a much longer lifespan—clocking in at about 50,000 hours on average. They’re virtually shock-proof, and although they produce heat it’s not impossible to treat with a simple cooling fan or heat sink. All these and more make LED headlights the perfect option for replacing old, and outdated headlights.

Our 5x7” LED headlights come with both low and high beams, as well as daytime running lights.