Black Hawk Series LED Rooftop Strobe Light Bar

Posted by Xprite on Sep 11th 2017

Black Hawk Series LED Rooftop Strobe Light Bar

This week at Xprite USA, we’d like to showcase one of our favorite product lines—the Black Hawk series of Professional Stealth LED Rooftop Strobe Light Bar—from our collection of LED automotive parts.

Whether you’re enforcing traffic and parking regulations, working in construction zones, or simply require a boldly-styled LED Strobe Light Bar for whatever reason—the Black Hawk series LED chase light bar is the perfect choice for any of your needs. This sleek roof top strobe light features a professional stealth look with a thin light bar, to ensure a low-profile look. The chase light bar also features an aluminum alloy body to give it a durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof build that is bound to get the job done.

The Black Hawk series of LED roof top strobe lights come in two distinct sizes; the 18-inch Mini Black Hawk light bar, and then the 48-inch Black Hawk light bar. Besides the obvious difference in size, both light bars were built to the same quality of ruggedness and have the same internal and external capabilities—such as 360-degree flash patterns, and TIR LED technology. Both sizes also feature memory recall, and rubber feet to protect your car’s finish from the magnetic base.

The 18-inch and 48-inch Black Hawk LED light bars have 10 modules with 4 3W LED diodes and 22 modules with 4 3W LED diodes—respectively—that boast bright lights, and a long-lasting lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The 18-inch model is available with amber LED lights, as well as amber and white LED lights, while the 48-inch model is only exclusively in amber light.

Xprite USA carries a large variety of LED strobe, rooftop, and emergency lights to choose from. Be sure to check out our entire selection of LED Strobe Lights & Sirens.

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