Burst Series LED Emergency Strobe Lights

Posted by Xprite on Jan 16th 2018

When it comes to the harsh winter season, most people prefer to enjoy it from the comfort of the great indoors. However, there are many others—like emergency responders, construction workers, traffic and parking enforcement, and many more— who must endure these testaments of nature. Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, these are the people who are responsible for establishing a safe, and stable social structure for the rest of the populations. One of the best tools these brave people have at their disposal is the use of Emergency Strobe Lighting—or Warning Lights.

Emergency Strobe Light is a type of strobe LED lighting that is mounted to the roof, interior, or exterior of a motor vehicle—and are there to both catch the attention of passersby and to warn them of danger or a traffic violation. These warning lights usually flash in amber, white, red or blue lights, or any combination thereof.

Our new Burst Series LED Emergency Strobe Lights are the perfect winter accessory—featuring piercing white and amber LEDs, these lights are sure to be visible in heavy rain and snow. The Burst Series Emergency Lighting is available with industrial-grade magnetic mounting for a stable installation, as well as an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure only the most high-quality emergency lighting experience.

Whether utilizing our Burst Series Emergency Lighting for traffic or parking enforcement, private security, or even law enforcement use, our high-intensity LED lighting is sure to exceed all your expectations. Available in both Amber as well as Amber and White configurations.

At Xprite, our goal is to deliver quality products to our valued customers—you can find more information on our Burst Series Rooftop Light or our Emergency Lighting by clicking on the appropriate links.

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