C7 Alpha Series CREE LED Spot Flood Combo Light Bar

Posted by Xprite on Dec 15th 2017

The C7 Alpha Series LED Spot/Flood Combo Light Bar is one of the few light bars of its kind. Because operating a vehicle is a primarily visual task, lighting becomes a necessary component of automotive design. Lighting can be key in low-lighting areas like dense forests, off road trails, as well as any time after dusk. Light Bars have been in use for years for a variety of uses across many industries ranging from professional all the way to hobbyist industries like overlanding and off roading, and when it comes to Off Road LED Lighting, Construction Zone Work Lighting, and in general Auxiliary Lights, simple directional LED hardly cuts it. 

Directional lighting attempts to spread out light in a long beam, to give as much visibility as possible, in nearly any low-visibility setting. And while this works well on paper and in real-world applications, it does little to combat the obvious drawbacks; directional lighting is limited to one direction.

Some Light Bars will combat this by creating Curved LED Light Bars that attempt to create an arced beam of light, while other Light Bars—like our Astro Series C7 LED Light Bar—provide a two-step solution to the problem: a combination light bar with both spot and flood lighting. 

By combining both spot lighting and flood lights into one LED Light Bar, we can create an arced beam of light that provides a much higher range of visibility in low-visibility settings like trails, mountains, and nighttime drives. 

The C7 Alpha Series LED Light Bar with Spot and Flood Combo Lighting capabilities is a beast of a light bar that can tackle any off road trail your ORV can. Features include Spot and Flood light switches.

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