RZ Series 30' Off Road Rear Chase LED Light Bar

Posted by Xprite on Sep 25th 2017

RZ Series 30' Off Road Rear Chase LED Light Bar

Xprite USA is proud to showcase our newest arrival—the RZ series Off Road Rear Chase LED Light Bar for ATV and UTVs. This rear chase bar was manufactured specifically with off road racing in mind—for all our off roading enthusiasts—and features several flash patterns in accordance with various off road racing regulations.

This light bar is constructed with a super-thin aluminum housing build, so that it is lightweight, and durable enough to handle the harsh world of off road racing. The RZ series Off Road Rear Chase LED Light Bar is composed of 5 LED blocks, with 6 diodes per block—for a total of 30 diodes along the light bar. Utilizing LEDs allows us to make light bars that consume a lot less power, have longer lifespans, and in general are less prone to wear and tear traditional bulbs are weak to.

The 1st and 5th blocks of the chase bar are running and stopping lights; the 2nd and 4th blocks are strobe lights; and the middle 3rd block is a solid or reverse light. This specific 30-inch model comes in four color combinations:

The RZ series rear chase bar is also available in a 36-inch model with an additional LED block—for a total of 36 diodes. It is available in three color combinations:

To check out the rest of our selection of ATV and UTV SxS parts and accessories—including rock lights, safety whip flag lights, etc.—be sure to visit our website.

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Available colors :




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