Steel Door Hinge Side Foot Step for Wrangler JK

Steel Door Hinge Side Foot Step for Wrangler JK

Posted by Xprite on Jan 26th 2018

Perhaps the most popular aspect of owning a Jeep Wrangler—beyond the rich automotive culture and the ever-iconic jeep wave—is that once you start to modify your wrangler you’ll have ended up with an entirely unique, and personal off road and overlanding vehicle all for your own. This neat feature—exclusive to the Wrangler brand—has kept the brand an integral and often a key component of the off road scene and community.

There’s something about upgrading a powerful vehicle with a simple utility tool—like our Steel Door Hinge Foot Step—that gives a personal touch to these off roading beasts. And that is something that is difficult to cultivate organically in most of the automotive industry.

This high-grade steel foot step offers a key change to your overlanding vehicle that will improve all your traveling experiences with your Wrangler JK. Often overlanders and off roaders rely on stepping on their Jeep tires, bumpers and hoods to reach items from their rack. Or worse yet, others have wasted valuable space with the addition of a small step-stool for these tedious moments. And that’s something that doesn’t sit well with us.

At Xprite we believe that your Jeep vehicle should be a seamless part of your off trailblazing toolkit—and be able to offer you a solution to any problem. If a Wrangler comes across an obstacle, it either goes around, over, or through it. And our Jeep accessories are made of that same Wrangler grit.

The Xprite Door Hinge Foot Step fits 2007 to 2017 Jeep Wrangler Model JK and JK Unlimited. This steel metal side step accessory can be mounted directly to existing door hinge holes—and ensures a solid, stable installation that can handle even the most rugged of situations.