Tow Hitch Mounting Brackets for Dual Pod Lights

Posted by Xprite on Apr 16th 2018

When it comes to LED lighting for Construction Zones, Work Sites, for Off-Roading or even just basic auxiliary lighting needs, we’ve got you covered with our massive selection of LED Light Bars, Pod Spot Lights, and versatile selection of Mounting Brackets.

At Xprite, we’ve constructed LED Lighting Mounting Brackets for various ORVs and UTVs, to ensure every off-road enthusiast can provide their ORV with the lighting equipment it needs to handle the off roads and other overlanding adventures.

Most off-road enthusiasts will mount auxiliary lighting to the tops, rear, or along the grilles of their off-road vehicles—as they provide the best lighting and angles to ensure safe passage—but Tow Hitches are often looked over as prime real estate for LED lighting. Not only that but tow hitch lighting can often prove crucial to accident prevention and even overall safer driving conditions for you and your surrounding drivers.

The Tow Hitch Mounting Bracket can be installed onto 2” and 2.5” tow hitches and can be paired with LED Pod Spot Lights that can also work as reverse lighting to ensure maximum visibility. Our Dual LED Pod Lights also come with Aquatic Backlights to give your ORV the perfect accent of color and are available with either white or amber lighting as the primary light source.

For more Light Mount options, check out our selection of Universal Mounting Brackets that can be paired with most every LED Light Bar, or LED Pod Lights that we carry. Give your ORV even more customization with our Controller Switches—for everything from LED Light Bars, Rock Lights, as well as Whip Lights.

And as always, happy upgrading!

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