Xprite Tik Tok Giveaway!

Posted by Brenda Hawley on Jan 22nd 2020

In our last Xprite Blog, we had a press release announcing  Xprite is now on Tik Tok! Take the time to read our new content plan that is going your way as loyal customers.

At Xprite USA, we love to give our customers as many chances to get our Swag Bags! This is another time to test your luck by following these three following steps; you will be entered into our Xprite Tik Tok Video Swag Bag Giveaway!

  1. Follow us @XpriteUSA on Tik Tok
  2. Tag us in your Xprite Video on Tik Tok @XpriteUSA
  3. Send us your Xprite Tik Tok Video: Email us at!

Win a Swag Bag!

- Includes a T-Shirt, Hat, Stickers, Lanyards, and Swag Bag!

This giveaway is over, check if you won HERE!

Already made a Tik Tok video? Email us at

Be sure to include " Tik Tok Video" In the subject line!

Need help? We're available at626-899-4398 - Email us
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