Jeep Hoods & Hood Vents

When it comes to Jeep Wrangler JK aftermarket upgrades, nothing quite compares to the added style and functionatlity like Jeep Hoods and Hood Vents. These fiberglass or steel hoods are a major area of improvement for most ORVs, and Jeeps are no exception. Despite being designed from the ground up as an off road vehicle, the Wrangler can also benefit from upgradable Grilles, Bumpers & Fenders, and of course Aftermarket Lighting.

At Xprite, we have a selection of both fiber glass hoods, as well as high-quality, machine-constructed steel hoods. These quality-controlled—and tested—pieces of hardware are perfect for tackling off road trails and aim to provide a higher-standard of resilience to the wild outdoors and the off road trails they have to offer.


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