Herolily Heat/Ice Packs

Herolily Ice & Heat Packs

The 2-layer Herolily ice pack is designed with plastic on one side and fabric on the other; it was designed for the one-way transport of food and perishables, pathology samples, vaccines, and anything else that requires temperature controlled transportation. This product is considered disposable because the textile surface gets dirty with a few uses and is not considered hygienic after that point. In certain circumstances, it can be used as a dry ice replacement.


How to use Herolily ice & heat packs:

  1. Place the flat sheet of Herolily ice packs sheet in wat water and gently scrunch sheet while completely submersed in water to release air bubbles.
  2. After a few hours the sheet of Herolily ice pack will expand to a fully hydrated pack, with each cell about 3cm thick.
  3. Once all the cells are well hydrated, remove them from the water and towel dry thoroughly. This ensures that any excess water does not become ice on the outside of sheet during the freezing process.
  4. Your Herolily ice pack is ready to freeze or heat.



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