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Jeep Renegade Parts and Accessories

Xprite USA carries a range of parts and accessories for the current generation of the Jeep Renegade series. The Jeep Renegade is a capable vehicle with rugged looks and stylish accents to highlight its heritage—flanking the familiar seven-bar Jeep grille are large, round headlights in an era when headlights no longer need to be large and round to be effective.


Recommended Products:

Xprite USA offers both exterior and interior trims for the Jeep Renegade—such as headlight bezels, fog light trim, taillight Guards, handle trim, rubber cargo mat, grille inserts, and many other accessories. Our best seller in this category is Xprite’s Rubber Cargo Mat and Rubber Floor Mats—they are crafted from a heavy duty, all season, rubberized thermos plastic material, that feature ribs to trap and hold water, snow and mud.