Aftermarket, Off Road & Accent Lighting

When it comes to off road lighting Xprite is here to offer you the best quality parts and accessories at affordable prices. In the past few years LED lighting has seen an increase in use across a variety of industries—and among them is the automotive and off road lighting accessories. There are a few major points to consider when it comes to LEDs and their usefulness: production cost, design flexibility, reliability, and energy consumption.

In the past several years LEDs have steadily become more popular due to their reliability and their massive lifespan—about 50,000 hours on average. These light diodes can create high-intensity lights despite their size and are used for just about everything from automotive lighting to architectural and signage use—giving them immense design flexibility. LEDs can be made so small because they produce less heat than traditional bulbs, and less is required in ways of heat dissipation and energy consumption maintenance.

It is not unusual to see new technology send ripples and waves of influence throughout the industries they target and serve—it is almost come to be expected in this technology-driven society. But few technologies have influenced so many vast industries in such a short amount of time as LEDs—and at Xprite we make it our passion to provide you with the best in off road lighting, LED accent lighting, and aftermarket lighting.