Emergency Lighting

Our Emergency Warning Lights feature high-intensity LEDs and a stable installation that make these warning lights perfect for use in many different industries ranging from law enforcement, parking & traffic enforcement, construction & work zones, as well as off-roading.

Emergency Warning products like Beacon Strobe Lights, Rooftop Lights, Visor & Dashboard Lights, and Hideaway & Grille Lights for some of these major industries. Our beacon lights feature a single cylindrical unit, with one—or two-color—options; while our rooftop LED lights are one of our largest selections—we carry them in various sizes, styles, colors, and color combinations. Choose from amber, green, blue, red, green, and white. Alongside these products we also have a large selection of Traffic Advisor Lights—or LED strobe light bars—that offer a full range of functionality in a countless number of industries.

For the highest-quality in Emergency Warning Lights, look no further than our Black Hawk Series rooftop LED light bar, for high quality in a sleek and stealthy look.

Most of our rooftop LED lights have a magnetic base for easy
installation and setup. These rooftop, dashboard, and windshield lights
are controlled with our dual switch 12v cigarette adapter, and can switch flash patterns at the press of a button. We also carry extension cords and cables for all our various LED strobe lighting products.

At Xprite USA, we aim to provide high-quality LED automotive lighting equipment for use in not just hobbies, but in professional industries as well. Our products are constructed using quality materials, and are built to survive the wear and tear of the real world.