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4" Light Pods

Our 4" LED pods are superior in both performance and style, offering an elevated off-road hood light experience. Suitable for Jeeps, Toyota Tacoma, 4Runners, and other vehicles, these LED pod fog lights are a cut above the rest.
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Lighted Side Mirror

UTV side mirror with puddle light provides a wide-angle view and illuminates the area around the UTV, improving visibility and safety.
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Yellow Flood Beam Light Bar

Yellow is a superior light color for visibility in foggy conditions (as well as heavy rain or snow) because of the reduction in glare, making driving easier and safer
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Discovery Plus Rock Lights

Our New Discovery Series Rock Lights are built for durability and powerful Illumination.  Whether you're rock crawling or driving down the streets, Our rock lights are sure to turn heads.

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RGB Whip Lights

Enhance your ride's safety and visibility with our LED Whip Light featuring a super bright display and eye-catching patterns to grab attention.
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Journey with Xprite

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Benefits of Xprite Rear Chase Light Bar!

Benefits of Xprite Rear Chase Light Bar!

Off-roading is a popular activity for many people, and having the right equipment is essential for a successful and safe trip. One important piece of equipment is a chase light bar. A chase light b...

5 Best Jeep Mods for Beginners

5 Best Jeep Mods for Beginners

If you are a Jeep owner who sees the massive growing community of Jeepers on the streets, you may have begun to ask yourself if your vehicle might benefit from a new paint job, a few bolt-on access...

Why should I get a Switch Panel?

Why should I get a Switch Panel?

Having an array of cool lighting on your vehicle is all very well, but unless you want to kill your battery and alienate daytime drives or merely have lights as a cosmetic attachments without funct...

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