5 Best Jeep Mods for Beginners

5 Best Jeep Mods for Beginners

If you are a Jeep owner who sees the massive growing community of Jeepers on the streets, you may have begun to ask yourself if your vehicle might benefit from a new paint job, a few bolt-on accessories, or maybe some bigger tires. However, you might not be sure where to begin. Well here is a guide on how you can get started

First, what do you do with your Jeep?

Big Wheels & Big Tires

If you want some big giant tires to get over large rocks and terrain there’s more you should know before you just slap some big boys on your machine. Be careful not to get tires that are too large unless you’re willing to install a lift kit. Some tires are just far too big to fit with the standard Jeep because the Jeep is made for smaller tires. If you really want big tires on your jeep then you are going to need some like a lift kit in order to make the big tires fit underneath the jeep.

Enhance Visibility with LED Lights

A lot of folks want to put some headlights with colored haloes around the light. Be careful with this as some cities and states have legal qualms with the types of headlights a vehicle can have. Check your city’s laws to make sure you won’t get pulled up for your colored haloes.

Upgrading your Bumpers

There are a lot of different kinds of bumpers to consider installing onto your rig. Think about what features you might be interested in (hitches, bars, etc.) and shop around for the bumper that fulfills everything you need.

Off-Road Lights

Getting into Jeep customization makes learning technical processes like wiring necessary. You’re going to have to learn how wiring works in order to install cool things like body lights and light bars. We do highly recommend getting a light bar if you’re into off-roading. Going off-roading with a standard set of headlights, even the best headlights, might be dangerous because the headlights are pointed in one direction. Having certain light bars or other lighting assistant sets will definitely make a outdoor trip at night much safer. At Xprite, you can figure out what mods go alongside your Jeep and how We can get you there. 


Maybe you’re the kind of person that likes to go mudding and you want your tires to be able to kick up a bunch of mud in order to get mud all over your Jeep. That way everyone can know how much mud you got on your Jeep. Well if you want to do that, one suggestion we’d have is to remove the fender flares because the fender flares will block mud from getting up on the sides. However the jeep wrangler has the blinker on the fender flare so if you’re going to take off the fender flare you’ll have to find some kind of alternative to have the blinker be visible on the right side.

Ultimately, modding is about self-expression. So go ahead, be brave, and make your decisions based on what appeals to you the most!

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Jim Schwed

Jim Schwed

I ordered door handle inserts for my 2021 Jeep, for my wife for Christmas
They do NOT FIT?
Obviously wrong year was sent, l did specifically ask for our year, they are completely sitting on the handle, not recessed in any fashion???
We like the color, however we want what we ordered. We would like to order a few other products, however we want this resolved first, Thank You! Please call me to get exchanged 904-314-2425

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