Why should I get a Switch Panel?

Why should I get a Switch Panel?

Having an array of cool lighting on your vehicle is all very well, but unless you want to kill your battery and alienate daytime drives or merely have lights as a cosmetic attachments without function you’ll eventually need to switch been On and Off. This is the importance of the actual switch. We can’t just have our lights permanently remain in the on and off position. When we get our lights often the switch is the last thing we consider. Sometimes products will come with proprietary switches which are perfectly functional, however, having entire switch ports dedicated to single lights, might not work for you. Perhaps you’re the type of person who has more lights than a Christmas tree and wants full control of many different lights at once. In which case, you’ll need a multi-switch panel.

You’ll need to choose whether you need a 12 universal switch panel or an 8 gang switch panel depending on how many lights are currently on your vehicle. 

Do you need a switch panel? Well again, it will depend on how many lights you have on your vehicle. If you only have one or two things to control, maybe just finding spots to place the individual switches will be enough for you. However if you’re currently on the internet searching for switch panels, you’ve likely run out of usable space. This is where a multiplug switch panel, a two slide plug, or a two side outlet box might come in handy. 

The installation of the switch will depend on your vehicle, but generally your switch will be installed by hooking your box up to power then wiring up each light to each power terminal.  

Often lights will come with ACC function that will automatically turn off if the engine isn’t running. This will stop background lights and DRL lights from killing battery when the vehicle is off. No one wants to get up in the morning just to find that their vehicle is dead. The inclusion of the ACC function helps prevent these kinds of issues.

One of the best features of the switch panel is the fact that there are a numerous amount of switches for you to choose from. The spots are pretty simple in most cases with single button switches. However  with a few switch panels like our six-switch panel, you have more options. Our six-switch panel essentially creates a place for multiple full two-spot switches to exist in harmony with one another on a separate bar away from your dashboard. So if your product has a number of functions that need a few different control options then a multi-switch panel very well might be exactly what you need.

There are a number of ways to mount the switch panel. One of the most common mounting methods is a suction cup on the windshield, but that’s not the only method. You can also screw the panels into your dashboard or up on the ceiling of your vehicle.

IF you have multiple products that all need separate controls, a multi-switch panel is without a doubt the answer for you. You should consider getting one, and if you don’t get one of Xprite’s panels, you may be making the worst mistake of your life.

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