Should you get a lighted CB antenna?

Should you get a lighted CB antenna?

You may have seen in offroad or customization social clubs that the lighted CB Antenna has become more popular, which may have left you asking yourself the question: What does a lighted CB Antenna do? What are the functions of the lighted CB antenna and should I get a lighted CB antenna for myself? Well, let’s talk about it.

The name of the game in offroad safety is visibility. Too often, offroaders get into collisions due to their vehicle being prepared to ensure the rider can see as much as possible but not ensure they can be seen by everyone else around them. If you don’t have a way for someone to know your vehicle is just on the other side of a small hill then there isn’t much stopping a brave dirt biker or reckless UTV rider from making a sick jump on the top of you, your vehicle, and, god forbid, your family. The Lighted CB antennas we are going to talk about in this short blog are a great opportunity for you to avoid problems like this and possibly help you out in other areas as well.

The antenna clearly already has a function, collecting radio signals for the stereo system, however, the placement and height of these long sticks provide opportunities for communication. Some will place a flag on the top of the pole to increase visibility from a higher point of view. We do recommend this practice, especially for offroading, however, one flaw comes from the fact that this flag is only visible with a light source to illuminate it. The lighted CB antenna alleviates this problem by providing its own visibility, thus removing the purpose of a flag. 

However, one potential issue of choosing the lighted CB antenna over the flag is that the daytime visibility is not greatly improved by a thicker antenna adorned with LEDs that may not be more noticeable in the daytime. So, we would recommend getting a lighted CB antenna and adding a flag to the top of it. This may interfere with the antenna’s radio functions, but removing the flag is recommended while riding at higher speeds anyways.

Now, the lighted CB antenna is still much more functional than merely replacing your vehicle’s antenna with a standard whip light. The CB radio led lights are going to give you the best of both worlds. Your regular jeep whip lights or led flag for UTVs are honestly just flag poles. You get to add safety led whips and increase safety and style, but your standard whip light will not be able to operate as an actual antenna for your vehicle. So, one might say the lighted CB antenna is actually blessed with three functions: Safety, Style, and playing our favorite radio jams.

Style is another obvious function of the lighted CB antenna. If you are a Jeeper, an offroader, or just enjoy customizing your vehicle’s look, you may potentially look into getting some products that light up to help you better unlock your style. On top of coordinating your vehicle’s color schemes with a fresh paint job you might be looking for a new way to increase the amount of color customization.

The standard CB antenna with amber LED lights certainly has a style of its own especially if you have your vehicle styled with a color scheme that complements the normal amber. Even if the color isn’t amber, your average Light up CB antenna for trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles will be one color that the owner must coordinate with their vehicle. However, the RGB color-changing Lighted CB antenna can switch to any color and even create dazzling patterns.

What is likely the most popular purpose for a lighted CB antenna is simply to look cool. Regardless of whether it’s for the sake of safety or style, The entire purpose of a CB antenna with led lights is to grab people’s attention. A standard amber light will get the job done, but a flowing rainbow coming from your antenna will not only get their attention but also impress them. 

The RGB LED CB antenna has two separate control systems. One is a standard remote controller with a myriad of different colors. They come with a standard watch battery and a cloth strap to make it easy to attach to any kind of hook because no one wants to lose their remote. However, if you did lose your remote or just want to explore a far more exorbitant amount of features, you can always download the Bluetooth app. Just scan the QR code on your lighted CB antenna’s control box to gain access. This app is going to give you every option programmed into the antenna from a myriad of colors to a plethora of dazzling flowing patterns.

The reasons to get a lighted CB antenna stack up pretty high. The only question left is, “What are you waiting for?”

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