How to Install a Jeep Mesh Top Sunshade

How to Install a Jeep Mesh Top Sunshade

There are few joys in life that compare with riding in a Jeep with the top off. The warmth of the world around you, the lack of separation from the environment, and the wind blowing all around you are all sensations that every Jeeper loves. However, there is one sensation that most Jeepers could do without, the intensity of the sun beating down on you.

In this instructional blog we will show you how to install a mesh top for Jeep Wranglers. This Wrangler sunshade will protect your skin while you enjoy driving with the top off but first you’ll have to learn how to install this Jeep shade cover

Step 1. Remove the tops

It comes as no surprise that the initial step of installing a Jeep JKU shade is to remove the current tops. If you’re interested in this product then odds are you’ve already driven without the tops of your Jeeps on and found you didn’t like the sensation of the hot rays of the sun. But in case you’re a more pre-emptive thinker and have already thought ahead, then you might need to know how to actually remove the current top. 

First thing you want to do is make sure you unplug the driver’s side plug connecting your top to your vehicle. Then make sure you undo the screws that keep your top clamped down. Then just make sure you lift straight up to escape the grasps of the small guide poles that keep the top in place temporarily. 

Make sure you store the top in a place that is safe and dry to avoid any damage or rusting.

Step 2. Assign the straps to the holes

Your pack of covers and cords should also come with a set of instructions. These instructions will show you how you will organize your cords of various sizes. Each cord length is designed to give enough slack to make it around the various spots of the cage while being taut enough to maintain security.

Start by organizing your cords and separating by length. Then place the cords through the holes of the shades to remember where they all belong and keep them in order. Make sure that each of them is secure in their location before moving onto the next step.

Step 3. Wrap the cords around the frame

The cords will have a ball on one end and a loop on the other. Make sure that you have the suntop cover facing the right way, then make sure the ball is on the top of the sunshade with the loop coming through the hole and heading down. When the position is correct you can begin wrapping the cord around the frame. 

Pull down on the cord, stretching the elastic as far as you can, then wrap it around the frame back up to the top. If the cord cannot wrap around the frame, then you may have the wrong cord in that position, or you may have an object like an open visor blocking the cord from getting all the way around.

When it’s all the way around make sure to hook the cord around onto the ball. The cord should fit tightly, but not be very difficult to stretch. If a cord is too tight or too loose, it is most likely that the cord is not in the right position.

Step 4. Drive or Put the tops back on.

Once the cords are all secured, you can actually put the tops back on and leave them like this. So, if you wish, you would only have to do this installation once. Make sure the tops are secured before driving again.

If you want to take the new Jeep mesh tops for a spin, you can go ahead now.


So, overall the installation process is a very simple process. 

  1. Assign the cords to the holes.
  2. Wrap the cords around the frame.

The process has a tendency to be annoying, but if you follow these steps and be careful you shouldn’t have much trouble!

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